dejawu: The first sentence is, "The moon blew up suddenly and without warning." Everything is near-future sci-fi and as grounded and accurate as possible. If you liked The Martian, this will scratch the same itch. read comments

charlescearl: Was a favorite. Intelligent, conflicted characters and such a superb interplay of geological science fiction. read comments

amuresan: Enjoyable and entertaining! I'm surprised how different the feel of the book is compared to the Blade runner films. In the book androids are purely rational beings, whereas the film wraps them in... read comments

roryisok: Everyone goes blind and a bunch of sentient plants start eating people. one of the first science fiction books I ever read, and the one that introduced me to post apocalyptic fiction... read comments

mellosouls: Post apocalyptic novel written in a made up language (think Clockwork Orange). Poetic and deeply moving account of a boy's journey through a world where scientific knowledge has... read comments

1812Overture: Great read about the fall of civilization due to a massive flu outbreak. read comments