jacobkg: Starts with the thesis that a generation of workers have forgotten how to concentrate on mentally challenging tasks. Full of ideas and inspiration for rebuilding your stamina for intense focused thought. read comments

beat: The best work you do is the work you find you don't need to do. Learn how to fail fast and save time on projects and product development, by building what customers want... read comments

alexilliamson: I'm sure everyone here is familiar with bits and pieces of GTD methodology, but I encourage you to check out the full text. There are a lot of great ideas in there there... read comments

quantum_nerd: Taught me how to be more productive and simplify thinking about productivity. One of the books I re-read every year. read comments

darkerside: Timeless principles that boil down the ABCs of being an effective manager. No bells and whistles. This is a must-read for any new manager. read comments

CodyReichert: If you're a fan of 37 Signals and/or DHH, this is a succinct and enjoyable read about their principles on building and running a business. read comments

keshav92: Highly Recommended. The fact that any skill can be learnt provided you work hard for it really impacted me. Also, it was one of the first books I read, which normalized the importance of hard-work... read comments

jeremyis: He's a CS prof at Georgetown now and wrote this while finishing up his Phd. Gives great and contrarian advice on career strategy and path - focus on getting good at something... read comments

tmaly: It gave me the idea that you could start something on the side while doing your day job. The productivity tips have been super useful in all aspects of my life. read comments

rayalez: Amazing introduction into stoic philosophy, by Ryan Holiday (author of Trust me I'm lying). He summarized everything I wanted to learn about the subject, and explained it extremely well... read comments

sarcher: Changed how I approach documenting and completing tasks - in a business like construction where it's hard to go in reverse, it's been a major component of my success since I first read it... read comments

cconcepts: Obviously written for those of us who have allowed our attention spans to be destroyed by the constant sugary stimulation of the internet, Tim nails the balance of useful thoughts and observations... read comments

otras: Absolutely changed my approach to learning and studying. Applying the lessons made my studying many times more productive. read comments

rayalez: By far the best book on developing habits. Thought it was just another one of those self-help books, but turned out to be very insightful and well written. read comments

Juha: I think this is an excellent book to teach the part of the brain that wants to execute to think more strategically and concentrate on the leadership side. read comments