ehsanu1: An amazing eye-opener. It's a book about how how to interact with your fellow humans in a way that enriches the lives of everyone around you. It's full of things that should be obvious, but... read comments

jventura: Raised as a peaceful kid whose introversion taught me to try to control my world and keep things to myself, I am now more aware of how much healthier it is to set boundaries and... read comments

embarassed_toss: Learning to talk to people, to deal with people, learning the give and take of conversations and to try to be interested in people -- this has completely changed my life... read comments

peteforde: Perhaps the most important book I've ever read [this book] It's possible that my life is 10-20% easier since I read it, with zero hyperbole. read comments

rsheehan: A description of how love has to be actively practiced much like any other discipline and what the consequences are for individuals living in a society that by and large does not hold this belief... read comments

TulliusCicero: I know, I know, PUA's are despicable and all that. But as a super sheltered Mormon nerd who had zero flirting instinct and put girls on a pedestal/treated them like aliens, it absolutely... read comments

palerdot: Fascinating book and must read particularly if you are feeling little down in life. I was initially skeptical of the genre, but one of the great books I have read. read comments

njoubert: I'll jump in and say "Attached" by Levine and Heller deeply influenced how I interact with people in my personal life, romantic and otherwise. read comments

pc2g4d: This book makes you take a brutal look at how you contribute to your own misery in life. It will be agonizing to read, but persevere and I believe you will find it insightful. Try not to be too turned off by... read comments

vecter: I wish I had read this when I was 20. It would've made dating in my 20s so much easier... read comments