myproductlaunch: Pretty much a must-read for anyone interested in sales, marketing, or "persuasion". However, even if you're not in that line of work it will blow you away. Lots of good examples and not a lot of fluff... read comments

officemonkey: "Getting to Yes" is probably the shortest, most useful book I've ever read. If you have to negotiate anything, this book will help. I read it 22 years ago and it pays off regularly. read comments

xiaoma: It's the result of years of his research on the process a human goes through to achieve mastery in a field. It breaks the process down to key components and stages and examines masters of... read comments

erikstarck: Goes in to detail on the psychology of the pitch. It talks about the concept of framing and how you must control the frame to close the deal. Highly recommended. read comments

kapauldo: Is a great read for techies because it helps you think about simplifying communication to non techies. It also helps technical founders think about market perceptions about your product... read comments

mindcrime: Lays out an approach to selling that I believe is one of the best out there for enterprise / B2B. May not be as relevant for B2C or other approaches. read comments

mindcrime: Like Thull, these guys deviate from a lot of the standard sales wisdom of the past few decades and promote a different approach... read comments

JSeymourATL: The best book I've read in ages on prospecting and business development. If you read nothing else, Chapter 14: Planning & Executing the Attack is pure protein! read comments

aik: The first sales book I ever read and extremely enlightening. It demystified much of the sales process for me. read comments

strong_silent_t: I think it is much more relevant to our capitalistic and legalistic society than military memoirs or the ancients, as much as I enjoy them. read comments