prashnts: This book contains tales of some of the Sacks's patients. A very interesting read. read comments

0db532a0: Looks at duty to family, social alienation and the equation of a man’s worth with his career and earning ability. read comments

janvdberg: This is just an amazing book and became one of my all time favorites. read comments

CamperBob2: IMO you won't really understand the nature and limitations of fiction until you've read JLB. His work won't change your life, as such, but it will divide it into two parts: the part that... read comments

pcsanwald: It's a book I've re-read many times over the years, and drawn something different and new from each reading. It's hard to articulate why it's so important to me, but... read comments

beat: An outstanding science fiction novella from an entirely different perspective - an African future. read comments

real-hacker: I still get goosebumps when thinking about reading this book a few years ago. This man is a master of words. read comments

nathell: A deeply touching glimpse into the world of psychotherapy. Highly recommended. read comments

photon_lines: Great novel about the hell of war, as well as incredible prose writing. read comments