aws_ls: A perspective changing book, if there can be one. Had picked it up from Gates notes' reading list couple years back. After reading this, my entire perspective on religions, politics, culture changed... read comments

doyoulikeworms: Over time I've appreciated it as a way to both motivate me to work towards success, and also to cope with feeling not successful enough. The fact reflecting on that book is helpful for... read comments

mmozuras: After reading it, I accepted my introversion and learned how to better use it, view it as a strength instead of weakness. read comments

kaycebasques: Discusses the underlying group dynamics that influence the progress of science. read comments

emodendroket: I definitely second Manufacturing Consent! What a great book; how many books of political theory hold up that well 30 years later? I would recommend anybody... read comments

timbuckley: Bill Gates calls it one of the most important books he's read in his life. "People often ask me what is the best book I’ve read in the last year. Steven Pinker’s... read comments

oldcynic: From the 80s, and talking of TV, but it's worth reading again today as it's so applicable to the current landscape. More so than its original target. read comments

wrd: It's about how death shapes life and human society. Completely changed how I view life and the world around me. Also launched me on a path that's resulted in me successfully combating depression. read comments

ChicagoBoy11: He investigates the question of why is it the case that we see so much intra- and inter-species cooperation -- how does it arise if we start from the premise that we are genetically... read comments

ekr: After reading this, you will understand (and be able to predict) a lot of patterns of human behavior. read comments

oneexcitingacct: Evidence-packed investigation of how the War on Drugs and mass incarceration have been leveraged to disenfranchise and oppress black people in America. It is infuriating and... read comments

egonschiele: A book I think everyone should read. It gives great examples of how hard it can be to climb out of poverty. I think we all see "poverty" talked about as generic label, and it can be really hard to... read comments

pcprincipal: While some of the question of free will is semantics, Harris deeply changed my position on to what extent we determine our own actions. When someone can present an argument to you for... read comments