rexaliquid: I enjoyed this whole series. I like that the physics of space travel is respected among the politics/mystery. Each book in the series is a bit of a different genre set in the universe. read comments

sgtnasty: I put this book off for years because I hated the covers of them. Amazing read, best sci-fi I ever read. read comments

kmarc: I absolutely loved "Children of time" - you can tell the writer is a scientist, or at least very seasoned in natural sciences, mainly biology... read comments

djaychela: Really good science fiction books where your initial perception is slowly shown to be incorrect as more details appear about the characters, and with great storylines... read comments

beat: A science fiction novel that is really about hacking, set thousands of years in the future, when Moore's Law is long defeated and programmers are basically archeologists. read comments

jpalmer: My first Scalzi book and won't be the last. read comments

joshwcomeau: Really touching story, great character development, and some interesting questions about AI and sentience. read comments

NeedMoreTea: Probably the most self-contained of the Culture series and the least heavy SF of them. Which makes it a great starting point. read comments