jonathansorum: Meditations easily has my highest rate of highlighted words in relation to total book length. Seems like every page (almost) has some eternal and profound in it. read comments

Roelven: It has shaped my thinking on 'what is good' or 'what does quality' mean. As an engineer it is easy to appreciate the author slowly going insane about the details he keeps coming back to... read comments

lpolovets: It's an approachable guide to stoicism and it helped me become less attached and less anxious about things that I have no control over. I really value the increased peace of mind. read comments

RickJWagner: Even without the religious aspects, it's an incredible document. A lot of human nature is explained. read comments

nickbauman: I was utterly, utterly changed by it. It's a new story for humankind. A story with a much bigger potential, a much more hopeful arc, with a future of unlimited potential because it goes beyond... read comments

by Lao Tzu

hoorayimhelping: I loved this book. It really helped me understand the power and effectiveness of OO design when used correctly. read comments

magic_beans: The Bhagavad Gita continues to challenge my notion of truth, self, and the path to happiness. read comments

aphextron: When I picked this book up at a library I just sat down reading page after page being blown away by how he would describe the exact same sensibilities I had been reaching for... read comments

entropyneur: Gave me spirituality without supernatural beliefs that I can lean on when all else fails. read comments

madads: Promoting “breathing” without thinking and not taking your thoughts too seriously has got me through a lot of emotional turmoil and “life situations”. Incredible even 5 years later. read comments

mmaunder: Made me realize being different is a superpower. read comments

andrei_says_: Simple, instructional, profound in its ability to change me beyond words. And fierce beyond imagination. read comments

k4ch0w: ...It talks about how no one can shoulder your psychology burdens for you and fix them. You have to take the work on full force and fix yourself... read comments

wu-ikkyu: The book is a historical analysis of the culmination of zen buddhism from its roots in hindu, buddhist, and toaist philosophies. Watts presents a perspective on how to approach your everyday... read comments

K0SM0S: It's as short as it is good for the mind, the building/making of one's persona. Well worth a read at least once in your life... read comments