ivanmaeder: The story of Nike, told by the founder. I honestly don't care about Nike but that's not the takeaway—it's not about shoes or T-shirts or Michael Jordan. It's about a guy trying to keep a business alive... read comments

skylark: The book is only tangentially related to tennis - the real meat of the book is about how to adopt useful mentalities which will help you succeed at a variety of things. It's an extremely easy read and... read comments

Isinlor: This is how I got really hooked up to triathlon and ultramarathons. Great book, I lent it to many people and changed some of their lives too. read comments

peacetreefrog: Will affect the way you (strive to) make decisions. Worthwhile even if you've seen the movie and/or don't like baseball. read comments

holografix: I can’t recommend "Into thin air" enough. A true story written with naked emotion by someone who experienced the life altering disaster on Everest. read comments

lackbeard: After years of fumbling around in the gym this cut through a lot of bad ideas about fitness, exercise, strength, and health. It lead to the first real (and lasting) progress I've ever made physically. read comments

dabent: Jack Dorsey recommended this title at Startup School 2013 and I got around to reading it in 2014. It's also one of the readings for YC's "How to Start a Startup" class. read comments

projektir: How genetics may affect sport performance (and not only that); a bit of a counterpoint to Gladwell's Outliers - probably my favorite book this year. read comments

Mindstormy: For most of my life never really had an interest in working out but learning more about calisthenics and body weight fitness in general has really changed things for me... read comments