tsaprailis: This is a nice/into book if you're interested into digital nomading, long term travel in general. read comments

Isinlor: This is how I got really hooked up to triathlon and ultramarathons. Great book, I lent it to many people and changed some of their lives too. read comments

iammiles: It's a well-written book about the incredible story of Earnest Shackleton's attempt to be the first team to cross Antarctica by land. read comments

cutler: Was a liberating, mind-expanding experience with no drugs involved. Kerouac's free-form style and open-ended approach to life made a great impression. read comments

in: fiction | travel

idiocratic: A great novel that is very easy to read regardless of the book length (it's very long). If you are even remotely interested in India and/or travelling it is a must. read comments

Theodores: His work is a primer on what freedom is really about rather than this 'freedom' word bandied about by politicians. His work was also important to the environmental movement. read comments

holografix: I can’t recommend "Into thin air" enough. A true story written with naked emotion by someone who experienced the life altering disaster on Everest. read comments

leoh: The Snow Leopard was so beautiful. I read it slowly, over the course of several months... read comments

ljf: Free version somewhere online - but I own a first run edition. Amazing book about what you can do if you really want to, and how strong the human mind can be. read comments