by Sun Tzu

sudosteph: Helped me understand the power of small effeciencies in large systems and the importance of metagaming. read comments

benihana: We're all playing a game and most of us aren't even aware that we can choose not to play. Yossarian is one of the bravest characters in all of literature. He stays true to himself even in... read comments

jugad: This Pulitzer prize winning book proves the adage "Truth is stranger than fiction". Surprisingly, you don't need to know any math or much of physics / chemistry to read this one. It is the story of read comments

hackerbloos: Semi autobiographical account of the bombing of Dresden in WW2. Really funny and clever ideas. Very good. read comments

roryisok: Great pulp sci-fi about the first interstellar war. Old man's war by John Scalzi is very similar and almost as good. read comments

lunchladydoris: It's a history of oil over the last 150 years. Sounds boring. It's not. It's one of the best books I've ever read. This book has made me realize that the history of the world over the last century... read comments

encoderer: Chilling but I'd read it again. Simply fascinating, written by a western reporter who was actually there. read comments

lamby: This book tells the story behind the virus that sabotaged Iran's nuclear efforts but reads like a genuine thriller or cyberpunk novel. read comments

abhiyerra: Basically using the OODA loop and using mental models to make rapid decisions. The best book on John Boyd’s OODA loop in my opinion. read comments

muzani: It's good for dealing with any and all types of conflict, including conflicts with yourself. Half of the book is unconventional techniques most people don't even think of. read comments

efuquen: It's been amazing. The analysis and insights the author can pack into every single page is just incredible. And all those political, social, and historical insights have... read comments

kailden: Historical fiction that tells the story of the Spartan 300 and the battle of Thermopylae. Lived up to it’s high recommendation. read comments

richardreeze: Taught me how important it is to be part of a close community, decided to Airbnb all of next year after reading this book. read comments

psychotik: Story of human grit and survival in the Pacific WWII theater that I hadn't heard of before. I was blown away by the story, and about what I learned about the War that I didn't already know. read comments

ianrentsb: This book was so beautiful and haunting. Set in occupied France during World War II, the novel centers on a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths eventually cross. read comments

briga: Pretty traumatic read but essential if you really want to understand a dark and overlooked chapter of American history read comments