cponeill: I have re-read this book constantly since purchasing it well over 10 years ago. The chapters on facing resistance and how to deal with it constantly resonate with me when working on my own projects. read comments

spython: It may seem like a book on improvisational theater, but is more a collection of notes on interaction between people. Quite eye-opening and empowering. Would recommend to anyone. read comments

combatentropy: I always enjoyed writing, but at first school taught me to write in a flowery, longwinded way. This was the book that cracked the code for me to good writing. It dispelled a lot of self-serving... read comments

ddingus: Being able to tell a story with clarity has far more utility than one would expect. Besides, I want to write a novel one day. read comments

cynik_: I'm a programmer, and I've often found that improving my ability to write clearly translates directly to programming well: On Writing Well is the best – and warmest – book I've read on writing nonfiction. read comments

squeaky-clean: Really helped me feel more comfortable reading technical books and large books. I've probably worked through more tech/textbooks this year than all other years combined. read comments

xaedes: This is about comparative mythology, aka comparative story telling. He works out the core elements and common concepts that appear in story telling across cultures and time... read comments

Zanni: An introduction to General Semantics and deals with the limitations of language-oriented mental models, e.g. "the map is not the territory," a reminder that a model is just a model and not reality... read comments

andrewartajos: It's such a quick read perfect for my short attention span. It packs so much advice without the fluff. read comments

arthurjj: This is a book nominally about the relationship between artists and how they go about making art but it is useful for anyone creative. It's about how to go about making when you have... read comments

a_bonobo: I have to write a lot for my work and this is the best primer on getting things out the door read comments

tmaly: Huge help with improving my written communication at my job. read comments