elliottcarlson: An excellent story that really made me nostalgic to my younger years - definitely recommend this one. read comments

Jasamba: This is easily the most moved I have been by a book that was equal parts a theory of intelligence and equal parts a realization of how important of an ingredient intelligence is to enable... read comments

feignix: Again, a very touching, charming book about a little kid's world(universe?) view, told through his adventures. read comments

Hyperbolic: For the essence of xenophobia and subjective realities. read comments

spapas82: This is a great read, the plot feels something like a GoT of scifi; although the setting could also be considered a fantasy one. read comments

ohjeez: Because I wanted to fall into another world, where I knew things would end well. read comments

pjmorris: Made me marvel again at such a delightful, thoughtful story, the world and characters that Tolkien wrought, and the morals of self-discovery and self-sacrifice. read comments

Agnosco: I truly felt like my view of myself and the world I live in changed dramatically. read comments

Seanny123: Delightful and insightful on multiple levels. It is an excellent dissection of internet fame and punditry, while also being funny as hell. read comments

pc2g4d: If you're open to fantasy, this series delves deep into how to respond when one's worldview is shattered. Highly recommended. Elantris also covers some similar territory. read comments

imrehg: Adult magic fiction, and somehow it feels that if magic was indeed real, it would be like it is depicted here, not like anything in Harry Potter's (no matter how much I loved the storytelling... read comments

nhod: Taught me very early on about physics, time, creativity, nonconformity, love, and the mystery and wonder of the universe. read comments

pwenzel: This book has been life-changing with regards to my relationship with my 3-year-old. It also changed the way I communicate with adults. read comments

Tinfoilhat666: It shows what kind of dystopian surveillance world we might live in few years and how to fight back. read comments