BatFastard: AI, AR (or MR), 3D printing, crowdsourcing, this book brings them and more together in a facinating manner. read comments

prashnts: This book contains tales of some of the Sacks's patients. A very interesting read. read comments

pcprincipal: Tracy Kidder's 1981 Pulitzer Prize winner I think is a brilliant case study on how engineers work together and the things that can go wrong and right with different personalities interacting... read comments

ifoundthetao: Great book! Very healthy view of a Christocentric theology. read comments

noxToken: If it's an epic by Sanderson, do yourself a favor and board the hype train. You won't be disappointed. It's everything you want in a long fantasy novel without being bogged down... read comments

huevosabio: Martin does a great job at building a fantasy world while keeping humans true to their human nature. The combination of morally ambiguous characters that follow their own motivations with... read comments