kakarot: I cannot recommend Masters of Doom highly enough to anyone on this website. It's about the rise of Id games and the technological and cultural breakthroughs they made in the industry... read comments

1812Overture: Great read about the fall of civilization due to a massive flu outbreak. read comments

skylark: The book is only tangentially related to tennis - the real meat of the book is about how to adopt useful mentalities which will help you succeed at a variety of things. It's an extremely easy read and... read comments

Pietertje: Wonderful book on the Wright Brothers, easy to read, shows that persistence and logic thinking pays out. read comments

vishnugupta: This is truly a magnum opus. Until I read this I had taken money, economy, market etc., for granted. And I had held onto the widely accepted, but naive, view that economic systems... read comments

Joeri: It is my favorite sci-fi book. It changes the way you look at gender, especially if you haven't questioned the concept much before. read comments

ifoundthetao: Another book that changed the way I work. Would absolutely recommend it. read comments

komali2: A romping and intellectually trusting sci-fi involving space vampires. Good biology. Made me seriously question the nature of consciousness. read comments

neilsharma: An excellently written history of cancer. read comments

spython: It may seem like a book on improvisational theater, but is more a collection of notes on interaction between people. Quite eye-opening and empowering. Would recommend to anyone. read comments

mindcrime: I've learned more about "what goes into building a startup" from reading this book than any other book I've read. read comments

hammeringtime: A good political history with lots of insight into many conventions in our modern society, such as even last names, were created to make society manageable by a central government. read comments

IanCal: A stunningly good book about cognitive biases, with fairly understated claims and backed up with studies. Excellent advice for life and it's changed how I view decisions and interactions. read comments

pjmorris: Made me marvel again at such a delightful, thoughtful story, the world and characters that Tolkien wrought, and the morals of self-discovery and self-sacrifice. read comments