IanCal: A stunningly good book about cognitive biases, with fairly understated claims and backed up with studies. Excellent advice for life and it's changed how I view decisions and interactions. read comments

drivativ: All developers having anything to do with data should read this or at least be familiar with the concepts it covers. read comments

myproductlaunch: Pretty much a must-read for anyone interested in sales, marketing, or "persuasion". However, even if you're not in that line of work it will blow you away. Lots of good examples and not a lot of fluff... read comments

beat: Only a madman would actually read them all, but they're good to have to remind you that there are mountains you can't even begin to climb. read comments

mmaunder: Made me realize being different is a superpower. read comments

reitzensteinm: Homicide is one of those books I wish I could read again for the first time. I can think of no higher praise. read comments

skykooler: I learned quite a lot reading "Understanding Physics" by Isaac Azimov. It covers just about every level of basic through college level physics, and unlike textbooks it is actually readable. read comments

mck-: What a unique masterpiece. Covers a wide range fascinating concepts through the three geniuses in Math, Art, and Music... read comments

jugad: This Pulitzer prize winning book proves the adage "Truth is stranger than fiction". Surprisingly, you don't need to know any math or much of physics / chemistry to read this one. It is the story of read comments

msravi: He has an amazing ability to go really deep into what he's explaining. No hand waving over the details. And yet, it's so very readable. read comments

sarcher: Changed how I approach documenting and completing tasks - in a business like construction where it's hard to go in reverse, it's been a major component of my success since I first read it... read comments

jfarlow: Kind primer on where the math comes from, as it applies to physics. Kind of a philosophical walkthrough of how math applies to physics... read comments

sanderjd: Haven't done any writing of C++ since college, and not too much reading either, but just flew through Effective Modern C++, and found it to be a great, information-dense, and eye-opening read. read comments

aws_ls: A perspective changing book, if there can be one. Had picked it up from Gates notes' reading list couple years back. After reading this, my entire perspective on religions, politics, culture changed... read comments

shawn: I think it's a good one because it's a mix of analysis and history. Thiel had a unique vantage point, and he shares it well. It also challenges you to be ambitious, which is becoming a rare sentiment. read comments

fsloth: Purports to be about architectural theory but has actually deep things to say about systems design and organizational learning in general. read comments