eps: Such a beautiful execution of a great story set in a captivating world, packing a pageful of storyline, images and innuendos into every line of text. It feels like Gibson was on a strict word diet, but... read comments

qznc: Turns the concept of technological singularity into a well-written story. As the story spans a looong timespan and shows how humanity antiquates itself, it makes you feel small in a good sense. read comments

BatFastard: AI, AR (or MR), 3D printing, crowdsourcing, this book brings them and more together in a facinating manner. read comments

eggsbenedict: It guides you through a wide variety of historical, scientific, and literary sources, painting a picture of contemporary human consciousness evolving right before your eyes. read comments

pierrec: It's an incredibly well thought out extrapolation of the future of the human race, much less phantasmagorical and much more grounded in science than pretty much every other SF I know of... read comments

billwear: Not just a prescient story, but a veiled commentary on how easily we're using technology as a proxy for being there, and all the psychological changes that come along for the ride. read comments

ekr: After reading this, you will understand (and be able to predict) a lot of patterns of human behavior. read comments

iNate2000: Even more than Star Trek, this novel caused me to think about a post-scarcity world. If we could have anything and everything, what should we do with it? read comments

TrickedOut: Because the pace of half the book so closely resembles my life, decisions, alternative histories and the limited time we have in the world. read comments