ereyes01: One of the most important books ever written on software engineering practice. Author Frederick Brooks won the Turing Award for this book and for his work on IBM's System/360... read comments

nhumrich: Totally changed how I view budgeting/team management, etc. Helped me learn about my own productivity and how to improve it. Introducing flow and such to me. A lot of other books say... read comments

pjmorris: Glass presents a list of things everybody knows, or ought to know, and gives both academic and opinionated support and/or critique for why they are and aren't so. read comments

code_slave_123: I used to really struggle with existential anxiety, and still do to some degree. That book took away much of that concern, it gave me a new way to think about meaning in life. read comments

CodyReichert: Although it's very formulaic, Hooked provides a lot of good ideas and approaches on building a product. read comments

entropyneur: Gave me spirituality without supernatural beliefs that I can lean on when all else fails. read comments

...Definitely something to read if you ever get into management. The politics section itself is worth the price. read comments

tashoecraft: Great CI/CD book disguised as a novel, inspired me to push heavily for an improved build/release pipeline at work. read comments

climber_mac: by Ed Catmull (co-founder of Pixar). A book on the structure and processes used at Pixar to sustain the creative process - It's one of the best books I've read on business/management and... read comments

btschaegg: Worth reading for the landscape descriptions alone, McCarthy transforms the American west into a hellscape of inhuman violence, savagery, and evil; and yet, it's a beautiful descent into madness... read comments

davemel37: It is a powerful parable about making things happen for yourself and focusing on things you can control and not blaming a bad hand or rough circumstances. read comments

acrodrig: I think it's the closest I have come to understanding "enlightenment" (whatever it may mean for each person). Give it a try. read comments

sharkweek: It's just such an absurd book, and arguably way too long, but it's the funniest/saddest thing I've ever read. There are some passages that absolutely shook me. read comments

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