mck-: What a unique masterpiece. Covers a wide range fascinating concepts through the three geniuses in Math, Art, and Music... read comments

quantum_nerd: Taught me how to be more productive and simplify thinking about productivity. One of the books I re-read every year. read comments

skylark: The book is only tangentially related to tennis - the real meat of the book is about how to adopt useful mentalities which will help you succeed at a variety of things. It's an extremely easy read and... read comments

schlagetown: For really hammering home the grand, powerful potential of great literature and well-wrought language read comments

Tepix: Super optimistic author and indeed a great book to think about after reading it. read comments

rcoder: This is one of the best and most informative books about engineering process I've ever read. The numerous real-world examples from airplane crash investigation also help put into... read comments

mindcrime: If you didn't take, or have forgotten, classes like Computer Architecture or Digital Logic, this is a great book for getting your head around the low level details of what's happening in side a digital computer... read comments

tashoecraft: Great CI/CD book disguised as a novel, inspired me to push heavily for an improved build/release pipeline at work. read comments

sorenn111: The Selfish Gene has been the most influential book on my life. Especially when Dawkins makes the point about pre-darwininan philosophy needing rethinking. His point being... read comments

lpolovets: It's an approachable guide to stoicism and it helped me become less attached and less anxious about things that I have no control over. I really value the increased peace of mind. read comments

climber_mac: by Ed Catmull (co-founder of Pixar). A book on the structure and processes used at Pixar to sustain the creative process - It's one of the best books I've read on business/management and... read comments

yusufp: Taught me more about how and why we make decisions and what good decisions are. read comments