beat: Not creepy at all, despite how the title sounds in today's language. This book is the bible of how to get along with others. It's been in continuous print since before WWII, for good reason. read comments

superasn: Because once you learn systems thinking, you see the world totally differently and from a business point of view, understanding how their systems work is like getting to... read comments

baron816: Problems of economic scarcity are really about access. Technology can solve those problems, and we're getting close to solving a lot of the biggest ones. read comments

quantum_nerd: Taught me how to be more productive and simplify thinking about productivity. One of the books I re-read every year. read comments

sorenn111: The Selfish Gene has been the most influential book on my life. Especially when Dawkins makes the point about pre-darwininan philosophy needing rethinking. His point being... read comments

binalpatel: It helped me realize (along with other things), that no, the world isn't getting worse. Things are much better than they've ever been for most people, and they're only getting better, faster. read comments

alexilliamson: I'm sure everyone here is familiar with bits and pieces of GTD methodology, but I encourage you to check out the full text. There are a lot of great ideas in there there... read comments

alok-g: For teaching me the fundamentals of computer science and helping me proceed with my deep interest in Artificial Intelligence. read comments

RachelF: Fundamentally changed the way I look at the world in seeing so much of what people ascribe to skill or errors, just to randomness or bad luck. read comments

Agnosco: I truly felt like my view of myself and the world I live in changed dramatically. read comments

acrodrig: I think it's the closest I have come to understanding "enlightenment" (whatever it may mean for each person). Give it a try. read comments

alex_ixd: ...I never expected so many twists and turns where characters melt into one another and plots jump from world domination conspiracy theories to self discovery and awakening. read comments

Jasamba: This is easily the most moved I have been by a book that was equal parts a theory of intelligence and equal parts a realization of how important of an ingredient intelligence is to enable... read comments

nanospeck: It's really good if you are stressed with your lifestyle. Really gives practical advice. read comments