quantum_nerd: Taught me how to be more productive and simplify thinking about productivity. One of the books I re-read every year. read comments

ereyes01: One of the most important books ever written on software engineering practice. Author Frederick Brooks won the Turing Award for this book and for his work on IBM's System/360... read comments

alexilliamson: I'm sure everyone here is familiar with bits and pieces of GTD methodology, but I encourage you to check out the full text. There are a lot of great ideas in there there... read comments

beat: Not creepy at all, despite how the title sounds in today's language. This book is the bible of how to get along with others. It's been in continuous print since before WWII, for good reason. read comments

cponeill: I have re-read this book constantly since purchasing it well over 10 years ago. The chapters on facing resistance and how to deal with it constantly resonate with me when working on my own projects. read comments

gammarator: Can a normal person become a memory champion? Joshua Foer covers a lot of ground in this well-written book, including extensive historical background as well as... read comments

Maro: Classic by Eric Berne. Must read psychology. Short, and you will get so much out of it. read comments

BFatts: A fantastic language-agnostic manual that still applies heavily today. read comments

microsage: Despite the title, it has many broad programming and software architecture lessons, and "The Unix Philosophy" is applicable far beyond Unix. read comments

throwaway124567: A mind bender and short read. I would highly recommend it to any programer as something you should read ASAP. You’ll regret not reading it sooner if your unfamiliar with the concepts. read comments

supernormal: At the time, the book helped me develop a new way to see and receive the world. I then applied that into my own life to shape what type of ideas and projects I'd go on to pursue... read comments

myproductlaunch: Pretty much a must-read for anyone interested in sales, marketing, or "persuasion". However, even if you're not in that line of work it will blow you away. Lots of good examples and not a lot of fluff... read comments

Jtsummers: Strongly influenced the way I think about programs in general, but specifically in the embedded field where I work. read comments