mck-: What a unique masterpiece. Covers a wide range fascinating concepts through the three geniuses in Math, Art, and Music... read comments

paradoxos: It is an outstanding piece of fantasy. The way of magic is developed / presented in a way you really can feel how it could be possible. A great piece of art by Patrick Rothfuss. read comments

stevenj: I loved this book for its humor, everyday practicality, how relatable it felt even without having a background in physics or knowledge about the pranks and experiments he conducted. read comments

Kapura: Convincing possible future dominated by media, corporations, computers, and drugs. read comments

peacetreefrog: Will affect the way you (strive to) make decisions. Worthwhile even if you've seen the movie and/or don't like baseball. read comments

BatFastard: AI, AR (or MR), 3D printing, crowdsourcing, this book brings them and more together in a facinating manner. read comments

sballin: Is one of my new favorites of all time. Once you get past the opening descriptions of valleys and farms, the story is relatable, gripping, and unexpected. read comments

throwaway124567: Very good. It was MITs old CS textbook, it’s still highly relevant. It takes a while to get through and you probably would get the most value out of it if you already have a lot of programming experience. read comments

rayalez: Controversial, I know, a lot of people here hate it for some reason, but it was incredibly influential on me, inspired my passion for entrepreneurship and science and philosophy... read comments

cvolzer3: Franklin led one of the most interesting lives in human history, and this book is a window into his mind. There's a lot of great advice sprinkled in with subtle, timely humor. Another book I return to often. read comments

btschaegg: Worth reading for the landscape descriptions alone, McCarthy transforms the American west into a hellscape of inhuman violence, savagery, and evil; and yet, it's a beautiful descent into madness... read comments

hackerbloos: Really good. Love the surrealism - the nightmarish / dreamish-ness of it. Saw it in the Theatre as well after reading it, thought that was great too. read comments

spapas82: This is not so light-hearted; it is serious sci-fi presenting some excellent ideas that would blow your mind. This is sci-fi at its best. read comments

mindcrime: One of the most inspirational stories I've ever read. A strong reminder to remain true to yourself in the face of all sorts of challenges and adversity. read comments