rayalez: Controversial, I know, a lot of people here hate it for some reason, but it was incredibly influential on me, inspired my passion for entrepreneurship and science and philosophy... read comments

wu-ikkyu: The book is a historical analysis of the culmination of zen buddhism from its roots in hindu, buddhist, and toaist philosophies. Watts presents a perspective on how to approach your everyday... read comments

spython: It may seem like a book on improvisational theater, but is more a collection of notes on interaction between people. Quite eye-opening and empowering. Would recommend to anyone. read comments

kyoob: Changed the way I think about the rat race, how the rules are agreed upon, what we mean when we think about winners and losers. Gave me a nice framework for dealing with all these roles... read comments

ericskiff: As someone who doesn't want to "negotiate" and be a hard bargainer across the table, this book taught me how to bring empathy to every negotiation, and to use that get both parties what... read comments

ehsanu1: An amazing eye-opener. It's a book about how how to interact with your fellow humans in a way that enriches the lives of everyone around you. It's full of things that should be obvious, but... read comments

officemonkey: "Getting to Yes" is probably the shortest, most useful book I've ever read. If you have to negotiate anything, this book will help. I read it 22 years ago and it pays off regularly. read comments

Jasamba: This is easily the most moved I have been by a book that was equal parts a theory of intelligence and equal parts a realization of how important of an ingredient intelligence is to enable... read comments

charlysl: Because it impacted the way I look at humanity, society and history, and also helped me understand that marxism is much more than an arguably failed political doctrine. read comments

wj: Cosmos by Sagan had a huge impact on how I view life's big questions. read comments

zapperdapper: Literally changed my life. Also, because of the nature of the program it informs pretty much everything I do and every decision I make. In short: it's not just about money, it's about everything. read comments

wpietri: Is nominally about abuse in romantic relationships. But its insights about power and control have been useful to me way beyond that. E.g., so much behavior in large corporations is inexplicable... read comments

anon1253: arguably the most accessible cornerstones of Existential philosophy, and they really make you think about your position in this world and as a person. read comments

photon_lines: Great overall book on UI design which definitely had an effect on how I approach designing user interfaces read comments