i_dont_know_: Breaks down how to have what might otherwise be an uncomfortable conversation about anything. I really think everyone should read it. read comments

cyberjunkie: A biography of the Daily Show host. He's seen a lot of terrible situations and come out unscathed! read comments

air7: Hands down the book that most influenced me. The book had (for me) not one but several simple-yet-profound ideas that were forever inserted into the foreground of how I make sense of the world. read comments

DanHulton: One of the best books on programming style and function, backed up with actual research for the recommendations. read comments

paradoxos: It is an outstanding piece of fantasy. The way of magic is developed / presented in a way you really can feel how it could be possible. A great piece of art by Patrick Rothfuss. read comments

febin: Great book that offers practical advice on how to improve one's life and work through reflection and iteration. read comments

chrisherd: Haunting, beautiful, moving and perfect. Life is surprising and we can’t legislate for the things that are thrust upon us. read comments

ChuckMcM: Useful for understanding how to look at root causes of teams that become dysfunctional, can be depressing when you recognize your own team in its pages read comments

formalsystem: I went into this book expecting to be blown away by how much smarter Da Vinci was than me. Instead I was blown away by how human and hard working he was and it taught me valuable... read comments

lpolovets : Engineer-friendy guide to marketing and growth read comments

peter_chickens: It is one the best sci-fi books out there. You will love the way it ends. It brings us to realize what we know and what we presently don't understand in the field of physics. read comments

ivanmaeder: The story of Nike, told by the founder. I honestly don't care about Nike but that's not the takeaway—it's not about shoes or T-shirts or Michael Jordan. It's about a guy trying to keep a business alive... read comments