oliwarner: Very logically made me realise that willpower was really just about changing how you talk to yourself. Essentially learning impulse control. I lost a deadly, expensive habit and a fair bit of weight... read comments

throwaway124567: Very good. It was MITs old CS textbook, it’s still highly relevant. It takes a while to get through and you probably would get the most value out of it if you already have a lot of programming experience. read comments

air7: Hands down the book that most influenced me. The book had (for me) not one but several simple-yet-profound ideas that were forever inserted into the foreground of how I make sense of the world. read comments

mck-: What a unique masterpiece. Covers a wide range fascinating concepts through the three geniuses in Math, Art, and Music... read comments

Lambdanaut: Transactional analysis is lifechanging. It's weird to me that this book isn't more popular. read comments

roystonvassey: The more everything changes the same humans stay. 200 years old and yet you can empathise with every character read comments

jaxOLantern: I’m not into literature but this one is worth it. A great dive into human psychology. read comments

lpolovets: It's an approachable guide to stoicism and it helped me become less attached and less anxious about things that I have no control over. I really value the increased peace of mind. read comments

zedshaw: Absolutely brilliant book, and probably one of the greatest examples of comedic writing there is. It's also nearly impossible to explain to people except to say it's the greatest example of... read comments

FrankZappa42: This book changed the way I relate to others and made me more empathetic. read comments

21stio: Its about thinking biases, by far the book with the greatest information density I have ever read. 2 pages per thinking bias. read comments

mmozuras: After reading it, I accepted my introversion and learned how to better use it, view it as a strength instead of weakness. read comments

timtas: I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a foundational understanding of economics. "One Lesson" is meant as a claim that the book is pure "signal." And it is. read comments