Kapura: Convincing possible future dominated by media, corporations, computers, and drugs. read comments

Hyperbolic: For the essence of xenophobia and subjective realities. read comments

mrkstu: Caused a huge detour in my life. Immersed myself in speculative fiction for decades due to the brain-quake caused by this material. read comments

mattnewton: The most epic sci-fi world that is so far in the future it feels like it could be middle earth. Politics, mysticism, prescience, intergalactic travel build an amazing world that feels utterly alien... read comments

rexaliquid: I enjoyed this whole series. I like that the physics of space travel is respected among the politics/mystery. Each book in the series is a bit of a different genre set in the universe. read comments

iNate2000: Even more than Star Trek, this novel caused me to think about a post-scarcity world. If we could have anything and everything, what should we do with it? read comments

peter_chickens: It is one the best sci-fi books out there. You will love the way it ends. It brings us to realize what we know and what we presently don't understand in the field of physics. read comments

joshwcomeau: Really touching story, great character development, and some interesting questions about AI and sentience. read comments

komali2: A romping and intellectually trusting sci-fi involving space vampires. Good biology. Made me seriously question the nature of consciousness. read comments

dejawu: The first sentence is, "The moon blew up suddenly and without warning." Everything is near-future sci-fi and as grounded and accurate as possible. If you liked The Martian, this will scratch the same itch. read comments

sgtnasty: I put this book off for years because I hated the covers of them. Amazing read, best sci-fi I ever read. read comments

eps: Such a beautiful execution of a great story set in a captivating world, packing a pageful of storyline, images and innuendos into every line of text. It feels like Gibson was on a strict word diet, but... read comments

alphadevx: It made me realize how difficult it would be for us to communicate with, or even comprehend the motives of a sentient alien. read comments

Ping_2_Ur_Pong: Glorious book that is a fun read, when you need a break pick this up and laugh hard read comments

kmarc: I absolutely loved "Children of time" - you can tell the writer is a scientist, or at least very seasoned in natural sciences, mainly biology... read comments