davidgh: A masterpiece. The age of the book proves it. It is as relevant today as it was when written 30 years ago. The only downside to the book is it will ruin every elevator, door handle and... read comments

combatentropy: This is like the Elements of Style but for graphs. Again, it encouraged me to cut through the hype and deliver the content as clearly and succinctly as possible --- to serve the reader... read comments

photon_lines: Great overall book on UI design which definitely had an effect on how I approach designing user interfaces read comments

tejcirkulate: Practical and immediately useful guide to interviewing and talking to users. read comments

keithnz: A good book, though its primary focus is more to do with how to work out what kind of UI to build not the specific details of the UI itself. read comments

neosat: Will give you a solid foundation into design applied to interfaces. read comments