sballin: Is one of my new favorites of all time. Once you get past the opening descriptions of valleys and farms, the story is relatable, gripping, and unexpected. read comments

peter_chickens: It is one the best sci-fi books out there. You will love the way it ends. It brings us to realize what we know and what we presently don't understand in the field of physics. read comments

kmarc: I absolutely loved "Children of time" - you can tell the writer is a scientist, or at least very seasoned in natural sciences, mainly biology... read comments

spapas82: This is a great read, the plot feels something like a GoT of scifi; although the setting could also be considered a fantasy one. read comments

noxToken: If it's an epic by Sanderson, do yourself a favor and board the hype train. You won't be disappointed. It's everything you want in a long fantasy novel without being bogged down... read comments

modernerd: The audio version narrated by Michael Page is incredible too. I'm on book three and don't want it to end. Incredible voice acting, gripping storyline, and hilarious dialogue. read comments

kalado: Reality is defined in a text file, making the protagonist a wizard when he discovers it while hacking a company. read comments

nhod: Taught me very early on about physics, time, creativity, nonconformity, love, and the mystery and wonder of the universe. read comments

sharkweek: It's just such an absurd book, and arguably way too long, but it's the funniest/saddest thing I've ever read. There are some passages that absolutely shook me. read comments

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