BFatts: A fantastic language-agnostic manual that still applies heavily today. read comments

organsnyder: Good for learning the mindset of developing backward-compatible APIs in any language read comments

apo: Would be an example from software architecture. It catalogs a couple of dozen patterns that recur in projects regardless of their specific domains. read comments

robto: Starting at logic gates and moving up through the levels of abstraction until you can build a programming language and implement a video game is the most fundamental approach that I'm aware of. read comments

vivekd: This book teaches you python through a series of example projects. read comments

cfeduke: If you had to pick between SICP and Clean Code because time is at a premium I'd err on the side of Clean Code for practicality. Writing maintainable code is paramount. read comments

butlersean: After reading I began to think about programming as an algebraic transformation from one system to another, in doing so radically reduced the amount of errors I made. read comments

aHernandezI: I loved cracking the coding interview, even if you want to practice for an interview or not, with this book you can get a friendly reminder of data structures and algorithms, time complexity... read comments