paradoxos: It is an outstanding piece of fantasy. The way of magic is developed / presented in a way you really can feel how it could be possible. A great piece of art by Patrick Rothfuss. read comments

peter_chickens: It is one the best sci-fi books out there. You will love the way it ends. It brings us to realize what we know and what we presently don't understand in the field of physics. read comments

aphextron: When I picked this book up at a library I just sat down reading page after page being blown away by how he would describe the exact same sensibilities I had been reaching for... read comments

schlagetown: For really hammering home the grand, powerful potential of great literature and well-wrought language read comments

oceanghost: ...His thesis statement is that scientific and social progress is now largely in the hands of AI and that those best able to utilize those technologies to... read comments

jaxOLantern: Not the easiest read but immensely rewarding. For better or worse some of Pynchon’s vivid descriptions are burned into my soul. read comments

kedean: It's a really interesting perspective on the brain and how it theoretically might produce human intelligence and consciousness. I didn't expect to be exercising my CS background while reading it... read comments

sorenn111: The Selfish Gene has been the most influential book on my life. Especially when Dawkins makes the point about pre-darwininan philosophy needing rethinking. His point being... read comments

cfeduke: Is older but relevant and clearly describes concurrency on the JVM. A must read for any Java, Scala, Clojure, etc. software engineer; well-written, enjoyable, concise. read comments

jfc: The Count of Monte Cristo is a true masterpiece. I have the unabridged version and have recommended it to others many times. Dumas has profound insight into human nature... read comments

gentleteblor: It's supposedly fantasy, but it contains some of the best (fun and insightful) examinations of political systems, economics, religion, the environment, military culture and more... read comments

mindcrime: I've learned more about "what goes into building a startup" from reading this book than any other book I've read. read comments

kalado: Reality is defined in a text file, making the protagonist a wizard when he discovers it while hacking a company. read comments