jordigh: It's a wonderful book, written in a very engaging style, and it shows you how mathematicians think and how they play. It shows you why we have proofs, why things go wrong, and... read comments

m31415: A general book on mathematics in the spirit of Feynman lectures. read comments

bgutierrez: Another that I really liked. Very little was applicable to graphs as programmers think of them. Pure math that is easy to grasp and enjoy. read comments

imranq: This guide is phenomenal in introducing a wide array of pure math topics. Just going through a few pages is hugely inspiring and simultaneously ego-deflating. read comments

sb: This is one of my favorite books concerning the "build-up" of mathematics (it also contains nice diagrams of "relatedness" of subjects). read comments

m31415: This is a physics book, but one of the classics in the subject, and as Gerald Sussman once remarked, you glean new insights each time you read it. read comments

jonbarker: More general purpose problem solving but written by a mathematician and one of the best books I've ever read! read comments

m31415: Beautiful introduction to complex analysis. read comments