HeckFeck: If you're interested in something closer to the hardware than Python, why not read about the language that implements Python? It's a programming classic, very concise, easy to read and... read comments

_peeley: Despite Haskell's reputation for its difficultly due to its strictness and fundamental differences with mainstream imperative languages, the book manages to smoothly introduce... read comments

cben: This gives you a phenomenally good survey of concepts and practice of distributed systems... read comments

potta_coffee: I don't think I'll ship any Lisp code for business purposes but it's been a lot of fun to tinker with and it's conceptually interesting. I think my Python programming ability has grown... read comments

throwaway124567: Very good. It was MITs old CS textbook, it’s still highly relevant. It takes a while to get through and you probably would get the most value out of it if you already have a lot of programming experience. read comments

throwaway124567: A mind bender and short read. I would highly recommend it to any programer as something you should read ASAP. You’ll regret not reading it sooner if your unfamiliar with the concepts. read comments

carapace: IMO this is the most concise yet accessible gateway to the inner Mysteries of Computer Programming. Read between the lines, the prime thesis is implied not explicit. read comments

andyljones: Far more readable than the usual text (Cormen), the first half is a guide on how to select and design algorithms for the problems you encounter, and the second half is a whistle-stop tour... read comments