mindcrime: If you didn't take, or have forgotten, classes like Computer Architecture or Digital Logic, this is a great book for getting your head around the low level details of what's happening in side a digital computer... read comments

e9: Simple and fun to read + you build full game console and games for it. Has more practical knowledge than my full undergrad degree in Computer Engineering read comments

_peeley: Despite Haskell's reputation for its difficultly due to its strictness and fundamental differences with mainstream imperative languages, the book manages to smoothly introduce... read comments

ismitley: This is a pretty neat book, that explains a lot of difficult concepts in technology in an easier to grasp manner. Things like P=NP and Big O get covered. read comments

tashoecraft: Great CI/CD book disguised as a novel, inspired me to push heavily for an improved build/release pipeline at work. read comments

fred_is_fred: A good read about the Atari 2600 and how the devs were able to fight within the limitations of 1970s and 1980s hardware to develop a gaming platform. read comments

elteto: Is a great book... Hackers, Cold War intrigue, the CIA, the KGB, actual shell scripts, it has it all! read comments

pcprincipal: Tracy Kidder's 1981 Pulitzer Prize winner I think is a brilliant case study on how engineers work together and the things that can go wrong and right with different personalities interacting... read comments

throwaway124567: Very good. It was MITs old CS textbook, it’s still highly relevant. It takes a while to get through and you probably would get the most value out of it if you already have a lot of programming experience. read comments

throwaway124567: A mind bender and short read. I would highly recommend it to any programer as something you should read ASAP. You’ll regret not reading it sooner if your unfamiliar with the concepts. read comments

Jach: Recommend if you want to study the details of an early 3d game engine, or details about the 386 that made it so hard to do games with. read comments

whb07: Talk about a great book from cover to cover! Functional language evangelists are always ranting about types and their usefulness but fail to concretely convey how and why they can help... read comments

mysterydip: It's been a fascinating read of why games had to be made the way they were back then due to the hardware of the day. All kinds of tricks to squeeze performance out of a machine designed for... read comments

TeMPOraL: In which you build several small games and sort of reuse some code between chapters. read comments

portman: Weaves together baseball, earthquakes, the weather, poker, and terrorism. Chapter 7 is the best description of Bayes theoreom I've ever read. read comments