marshallbananas: A book about the infamous blood testing startup Theranos. I couldn't put it down. Read the whole thing in a day and a half. It's basically a gripping thriller set in Silicon Valley... read comments

fsloth: Was an amazing historical vertical slice from the beginnings of computation, through various military industrial escapades, through the ultimate demo to finally to Xeroc Parc. It answers the question... read comments

acheron: 12 different medieval manuscripts the author goes to visit. Describes their history, where they are now and what it's like to see them, contains many detailed reproductions of pages, etc. Not at all dry... read comments

geocrasher: I have read it twice, and it's pretty incredible. And the amount of details he's had to leave out (such as creating a hybrid turbojet/ramjet engine nacelle or a top speed of around Mach 4)... read comments

lmiller1990: Sleeping is important, and since I started doing more (and improving the quality of), I feel better and get more done. read comments

beat: The best work you do is the work you find you don't need to do. Learn how to fail fast and save time on projects and product development, by building what customers want... read comments

cyberjunkie: A biography of the Daily Show host. He's seen a lot of terrible situations and come out unscathed! read comments

manicdee: This book really highlighted for me how we literally rewrite history to suit our own prejudices, and finally taught me what "history is written by the victor" actually means (including claiming victory). read comments

air7: Hands down the book that most influenced me. The book had (for me) not one but several simple-yet-profound ideas that were forever inserted into the foreground of how I make sense of the world. read comments

adenadel: This is a fascinating memoir about a woman who was raised by fundamentalists and "escaped" to BYU read comments

darkerside: Timeless principles that boil down the ABCs of being an effective manager. No bells and whistles. This is a must-read for any new manager. read comments

lamby: This book tells the story behind the virus that sabotaged Iran's nuclear efforts but reads like a genuine thriller or cyberpunk novel. read comments

lunchladydoris: It's a history of oil over the last 150 years. Sounds boring. It's not. It's one of the best books I've ever read. This book has made me realize that the history of the world over the last century... read comments