DanHulton: One of the best books on programming style and function, backed up with actual research for the recommendations. read comments

BFatts: A fantastic language-agnostic manual that still applies heavily today. read comments

hoorayimhelping: I loved this book. It really helped me understand the power and effectiveness of OO design when used correctly. read comments

organsnyder: Good for learning the mindset of developing backward-compatible APIs in any language read comments

nhumrich: Totally changed how I view budgeting/team management, etc. Helped me learn about my own productivity and how to improve it. Introducing flow and such to me. A lot of other books say... read comments

csnewb: Profoundly educational to me as a junior developer. read comments

henrik_w: Excellent, long interviews with really famous developers and computer scientists. read comments

cfeduke: If you had to pick between SICP and Clean Code because time is at a premium I'd err on the side of Clean Code for practicality. Writing maintainable code is paramount. read comments

mighty_warrior: A great book more focused on being an good software engineer and less on software specific details. read comments

progrocks9: It's inspiring for embrace Open Source collaboration and also very useful for manage projects. In Guy Kawasaki's quote "The most important book about technology today, with... read comments

jsgoller1: It's mainly geared towards Java and C/C++ programmers, but even as a DevOps engineer I'm finding a lot of it useful. read comments