rayalez: Controversial, I know, a lot of people here hate it for some reason, but it was incredibly influential on me, inspired my passion for entrepreneurship and science and philosophy... read comments

beat: Not creepy at all, despite how the title sounds in today's language. This book is the bible of how to get along with others. It's been in continuous print since before WWII, for good reason. read comments

nestorherre: Short fiction book with a marvelous message about following your dreams and believing in yourself. read comments

jonathansorum: Meditations easily has my highest rate of highlighted words in relation to total book length. Seems like every page (almost) has some eternal and profound in it. read comments

RickJWagner: Even without the religious aspects, it's an incredible document. A lot of human nature is explained. read comments

mck-: What a unique masterpiece. Covers a wide range fascinating concepts through the three geniuses in Math, Art, and Music... read comments

tmaly: It gave me the idea that you could start something on the side while doing your day job. The productivity tips have been super useful in all aspects of my life. read comments

homoSapiens: Changed my thinking about finance, I don't know how I would have handled my finances if I hadn't come across this book as a teenager, I feel so lucky to have read this book... read comments

ArekDymalski: It helped me to understand people a bit better read comments

lpolovets: It's an approachable guide to stoicism and it helped me become less attached and less anxious about things that I have no control over. I really value the increased peace of mind. read comments

imrehg: Just a whole different level, Tolstoy's writing in a way I don't feel many contemporary writes could. Feels creepy how similar the people's lives in the 19th Century was to ours. Creepy but fun too. read comments

alexilliamson: I'm sure everyone here is familiar with bits and pieces of GTD methodology, but I encourage you to check out the full text. There are a lot of great ideas in there there... read comments

palerdot: Fascinating book and must read particularly if you are feeling little down in life. I was initially skeptical of the genre, but one of the great books I have read. read comments