mck-: What a unique masterpiece. Covers a wide range fascinating concepts through the three geniuses in Math, Art, and Music... read comments

sorenn111: The Selfish Gene has been the most influential book on my life. Especially when Dawkins makes the point about pre-darwininan philosophy needing rethinking. His point being... read comments

ivanmaeder: It took me a while to warm up to this but I'm glad I stuck it out. I think the charm is in the language and the crazy mix of characters, the way religion is dealt with in a very human way... read comments

sharkweek: It's just such an absurd book, and arguably way too long, but it's the funniest/saddest thing I've ever read. There are some passages that absolutely shook me. read comments

in: fiction

brownbat: People could get different takeaways, but it made me think very deeply about falsifiability, the limits of persuasion, and the thin lines between plausible, reasonable, and likely theories about the world. read comments

Jasamba: This is easily the most moved I have been by a book that was equal parts a theory of intelligence and equal parts a realization of how important of an ingredient intelligence is to enable... read comments

jaxOLantern: Not the easiest read but immensely rewarding. For better or worse some of Pynchon’s vivid descriptions are burned into my soul. read comments

mattmanser: I read this about the same time I read the Selfish Gene, had a similar effect. It's one of the few philosophy books that I still think about today. read comments

roystonvassey: The more everything changes the same humans stay. 200 years old and yet you can empathise with every character read comments

briga: The sheer breadth of the ideas covered in this book is breathtaking, and there are some truly mind-bending ideas explored in this book. If you're looking for a good general science book I highly... read comments

colordrops: Completely broke down the rigid models I had for how I perceive objects around me and my place in the world. read comments

bosky101: The story of Muhammad Yusuf 's grameen & micro-finance, over-coming odds, and a good read if you are curious about lending. read comments