What data is collected?

If you subscribe to the monthly newsletter, your email is added to our MailChimp list for that newsletter.

Your email is only passed to the provider (MailChimp) and not stored anywhere else (apart from in transit to MailChimp during the request itself, and how MailChimp handles data, check their policies)

We'll only ever use your email for our monthly newsletter and the rare announcement (like the completion of the Podcasts section) while you are subscribed to the newsletter.

You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, and remove your email from the list. If you unsubscribe, and you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it -- I hope to only send emails that are truly interesting and useful.

Other than signing up for our newsletter, we don't collect other data. But resources from 3rd parties that we use to deliver the content on this site might. Read about them and their policies below.

3rd party resources we load on our site:

A font from Google via fonts.google.com (their policies)

Embedded YouTube videos on select pages, with their privacy-enhanced mode enabled. More information available in YoutTubes Help docs.

Images from Amazon

Bulma CSS loaded via jsdelivr.com (their policies)

And Cloudflare (their policies)